Saturday, December 5, 2009

How to Look Pretty in Plus Size Party Dress

It is often very hard to find plus size fashions that are truly flattering for all types of body shapes and sizes. It is also an unfortunate truth that fashion often is designed for smaller persons, without really taking others into account. However, there are certain ways that you can make sure that you know what to look for in a plus size party dress. Before you go out and look for the right party dress for your figure, take a look at some of these guidelines, so you can have an idea of what you should look for.

Where to Go to Get Started

While you may be able to find some plus size party dresses at regular clothing stores or at your local mall, if you go to a retailer that specializes in plus size fashions, you will probably have a much larger selection to pick from. This will definitely work in your favor, as it is usually the case that it is hard enough to find the perfect dress, even without having only a few to pick from. A larger selection will always work to your benefit, especially if you have a pretty specific idea of what you are looking for. If the fit is a little off but you love the dress, you may also want to have it tailored by someone who has worked on plus size fashions before.

Narrowing Down the Style that You Want

You may have some ideas on what style you are going for, but you should have an open mind and be receptive towards what style will look best on your figure, too. While some plus size women favor shorter dresses, you will have more of a slimming effect if you go for at least a knee-length dress. You will not only appear slimmer, but also taller, which works to give you a more appealing figure overall.

You may want something with a narrowed waist, and even empire waist dresses are often very flattering for plus size women. What you want to avoid is the temptation to cover yourself up with excess fabric that billows out from your body. This is not a good look and will only add more weight to your appearance! You may feel as if you are covering up, but you should definitely not fall for that trap.

Finally, the All-Important Color Choice

Just as with petite women, you should stay away from large, elaborate patterns, flashy colors, or sequins. Instead, you will find that the best choice is a solid color, and you can usually go with bolder, deeper colors as well. Brighter colors tend to make you appear larger, so they should generally be avoided.

When you find something that is flattering for your figure and that you can feel great in, you will know it. Again, the key is to combine your own sense of personal taste with the styles that you know are best for your body type. Then, you will feel your absolute best when you get dressed up for a special occasion.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pretty Plus Size Supermodels


Here are examples of plus size models whom are not afraid of sharing who they are and do not allow their body shapes to limit them.I was attracted by their confidence which they have exhibited & it have inspired me to be proud of my curvy body.

Pretty Plus Size Model: Crystal Renn

Crystal Renn,23 year old,has been struggling with her weight for some years before she decided to be a plus size model. She weighed 75kg or 165lb and is one of the highest paid plus size model. She modelled for American Vogue,Jean paul Gaultier, Dolce & Gabbana & Harper's Bazaar.

Pretty Plus Size Model: Fluvia Lacerda.

Fluvia Lacerda,Brazilian plus size model, whose face capture me at first glance. She modelled for Figure Magazine & you could have seen her as the model on

Are you aspire to be a plus size model? I would like to say "NEVER SAY NEVER" as one can be hopeful and to give it a try.

Never let anyone stop you from trying something you desire in your heart & give it a shot.


Remember : work out to keep toned and take good care of yourself.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Dream - Pretty Plump Plus sizes


As a child, I love to dream. Every moment of the day, I will dream to escape the harsh adversity of the "real world".Those dreams are liken to a "petrol tank" that empower me as I journey down my life path.

My dream - Pretty Plump Plus sizes - An International HUB whereby all related information on plus sizes come under one roof:

1)Talking point to voice our life experiences,hopes,dreams or greviances.
2)Plus size supermodels
3)Worldwide online shopping wardrobe
4)Plus size magazine
5)Fashion designer for plus size clothes.
6)Plus size fashion shows
7)Afforable & quality clothing with plus size ranges.
8)More shopping boutiques or malls for plus size products

That all for now. If you have dreams that are different from mine, do drop your comment & share so that we can continue to dream together.

The Story - Pretty Plump Plus sizes


Let me share my story behind how I have came about chosing Pretty Plump Plus sizes for my blog.

My body size has ballooned from a medium size to a pretty plump size over the years. In no time, I realised that I could not fitted into the category of XXL clothes.

I was frustrated & annoyed because I could not find plus size dresses for myself as most of the retail shops only carry clothes for the slim petite size.

Otherwise, the prices of these plus size clothings are expensive due to the small demand.

My shopping places are limited & it revolves around Mark & Spencer, Robinsons, XXXL Factory outlet, small shops around island or men's department for shirts.

Thereafter,I tried to cut down on my eating habits & follow an exercise workout but it was a fruitless efforts. This is because I can't get rid of the "food syndrome" as I love to eat rather than eat to live.

Many at times, I am being bugged by what can I do to improve my outlook & continue my love to wear pretty dresses. Thus, I decided to seek opportunties where I can start with this name.

What inspired me most to chose this name Pretty Plump Plus sizes (PPPs) as my blog is because I have met many plump size people whom went through all their "might"to look pretty & sexy .

Will be back soon.

My 1st Blog - Pretty Plump Plus sizes


Weclome to my Pretty Plump Plus sizes blog.

I hope that my blog name will bring a smile to you when you first chance upon it and it will continue to remain in your thoughts.